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  • Reporting in....

    A good week at church as old friends visited, new friends were made and God's Word was preached!

    Bill Hawkins returned from Florida and will be with us till he returns this fall. We are thankfull to have Bill's friendship and fellowship all these years.

    Tim Rose and his family travelled up from Virginia just to visit, as they often do. They count First Baptist as one of thier very favorite churches and we are humbled and grateful they do. Tim, Suzette and the girls were in Africa earlier and have trips planned to several continents this year. I'l be contacting Tim soon about having his famliy come in this fall to provide some special music one morning!

    Attendance was low Sunday morning, many were on vacation already, and others are still battling sickness. But a low attendance does not mean a low service! We had visitors both morning and night, 11 in all counting both services! Pluse the offering was tremendous, especially compared to attendance. 

    God is certainly moving inch by inch at FBC, giving us small victories and strrengthening the faithful. It is inspiring as a pastor to hear the faith of those who are battling illness and disease, more than once I've heard, "I'm not worried, God is in control!"

    Please keep our members fighting the good fight for thier health in your prayers there are many who need your prayers, and you will be encouraged to pray for all of them as you meet, fellowship, and grow in friendship with them in church!

    We started a new sermons series this week, taking six weeks to preach through Luke 14 as Jesus teaches the parable of the Dinner Without Guests. The Series is called "A Reporters Life" and is geared to equip you to know yor resposibilities and to use the information you already have available to report the 'Good News' of the Gospel to all who will hear.

    If you missed this week don't worry, you can jump in anytime!


    Wednesday Night June 3 our friends Jeremiah and Carrrie Ferguson with thier children Edie, Morgan and Jed will visit on thier way to a family vacation- So we are having a Fellowship Dinner that night to welcome our good friends back. A sign up sheet is on the back table in the Auditorium.

    Saturday June 13 we will have a church picnic at Rocks State Park in the Wilson's Picnic area next to the St. Clair Bridge, on St. Clair Bridge Rd. We don't have the pavillion, but I will be there extra early to hold enough picnic tables for us near the creek bend. We will be near the creek because we are also baptizing that day! If you want or need to be baptized, please contact me through email, facebook, or be old-fashioned and call or talk face to face!

    More to come....

    Pastor Dave Mason