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  • Great Day!

    Its been a busy month at First Baptist, and we still have much to go!

    Today we held our church picnic and baptisms in Deer Creek at Rocks State Park. I couldn't get a pavillion reserved, they are all booked through the summer, so I got there an hour before the park opened at 9 and was the first in line to get in. Then I put together some tables at the bend of the creek near the St. Clair Bridge, so we could walk just a few yards down to the creek.

    The food was good, but the fellowship was better. We all had a great time just sitting around sharing stories and enjoying the company. NOTHING beats a good church fellowship for encouragement!

    After our meal we made our way down to the creek and baptized three: Cole, who just got saved earlier this year, and his parents wanted him baptized in Deer Creek because that's where they both were baptized. Brea, a Bible College Student from Boston Baptist College (and significant other of my oldest son Luke) who wanted a Scriptural Baptism (by immersion, because that's what the word means). And my youngest son Ben, who wanted to be baptized again as a public testimony of his "reset", as he puts it, in Jesus.

    This was the first time in my 14 years as a Pastor that I have baptized outdoors in natural water (when we were young church planters we did a baptism in our home pool once). I loved it and want to do it again!

    If you are saved but have never been Scripturally Baptized by immersion, get in touch with me and we will talk about it and try to set a date for you to publicly proclaim your new life in Christ.

    A truly, truly great day.

    Tomorrow we have services at 10:30 am, when we will continue our "A Reporter's Life" sermon series answering the question "Why". Why should we tell others about what we have seen, heard, and experienced in Christ?

    Then Tomorrow night at 6:00 we return to church with Kid's Club in the Fellowship Hall and Bible Study in the Auditorium, continuing the "Commandments of Christ" sermon series.

    At the end of the month we will have our 60th Church Anniversary Homecoming Service on June 28 during Morning Worship. My good friend Rick Blackburn will be preaching as well as my son Luke. And there will be special music by Rick's wife Donna and our regular Worship Leader Ben Mason!

     Can't wait to see you all there.

    Next week I will share some of the AMAZING answers to prayer we have been experiencing at FBC!

    Pastor Dave