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  • What to Write...

    What to write, what to write what to write. The bane of all who craft words for a living is the blank page (or screen, as blogging demands if you want your post to be shared on Google).

    This week at FBC has been uneventful, compared to previous weeks. After last Saturday's baptisms, we had regular services Sunday Morning, Evening and Wednesday night. I have spent the week getting my new office into shape. I moved upstairs at the church and have more than twice the space as before. All of my Theology books are now in one place. Thanks to Josh Snyder for coming over Monday and helping me heft 1,254 books upstairs!

    I also have a new-to-me desk. Found it on craigslist. Used to be in a bank. Solid, heavy wood with a Typewriter return. Perfect for me...

    It feels good to be in the office everyday. The last year has been rough on all of us, but the progress spiritually and financially at the church has been an incredible motivator, and I am enthusiastic about what we can accomplish now. We still need to see growth numerically. New visitors have been coming reguarly, though we need to see that continue and keep reaching out to those who come. The Lord will bless our efforts if we believe, and seek His Glory first.

    Next week is our 60th Anniversary Homecoming service. At 10:30 am we will meet to celebrate a milestone few churches ever achieve. If you were ever a member of Harford Furnace or First Baptist  you are invited to attend on this special day. My youngest son and our worship leader Ben Mason will be providing some "modern" worship. Mrs. Donna Blackburn will bring the Southern Gospel style! My oldest son, and our Youth Director Intern, Luke Mason will preach first and then my good firend Pastor Rick Blackburn will bring our final message for the morning.

    Afterwards there will be a desert fellowhip!

    Tomorrow we finish the Sermon Series "A Reporters Life" with the sermon "How to Tell The Story"

    I'll see you all tomorrow morning!

    'Till Jesus Returns,