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  • Two Big Events...

    Its been afew weeks since I posted on this blog. We are having many technical problems with our website host. You may have had to scroll all the way to the bottom of the blog page just to see this!

    Tw weeks ago we had our 60th Anniversary Service. My good friend Rick Blackburn brought his family and they provided special music and Rick preached.

    We also had my sons involved. Ben, our regular Music Director, sang a special, and Luke was our first preacher of the morning.

    Afterwards we had a dessert fellowship in our Fellowship Hall.

    We were all glad to see Doris Williams make it to the service, her second week in a row after all the problems when has had with her back lately. She was getting around pretty good, but the men still helped her navigate the stairs!

    It was a great time of celebration, though we unfortunatley had many families out on vacations and at work. 

    The Second big thing happened last night (Wednesday July 8)

    Luke started Wedneday night Youth Meetings in the Teen Room of the Church. The chairs are gone, replaced with sofas, a couple new games, including Giant Jenga and Surfer Ring toss were added, and video games on the big screen plus pizza added up to a fun night. Everyone in the meeting talked about how well it went and how much the kids enjoyed the activities and the devotions.

    We only had 7 total in the meeting, but you have to start somewhere! Invite your youth out for next weeks meeting. Luke has new activities and great devotions planned for every week!

    That's it for this weeks update- See you in Church on Sunday!